An Exercise Of Manifestation Through Pilates


Pilates can be the means by which you can manifest what you want to create in your life.

Through breath and awareness of your body in space, Pilates can actually change your life. I have seen this occur with numerous clients. Pilates is far more than a workout, but a deeper appreciation of one’s self and their being. When I took my first STOTT PILATES training course, my classmate and I would jokingly say that “Pilates Principals were the secrets to the Universe”. And over ten years later, I realize that the application of Pilates Principals can actually be a powerful force of manifestation.

The Basic Principals of Pilates are:

  1. Head and Cervical Placement

  2. Pelvic Placement

  3. Rib Cage Placement

  4. Scapular Movement and Stabilization

  5. Breathing

During the workout, an individual is fully aware and in their body as they move through space. It is believed that the process of manifestation can be accessed from this state of awareness, this total being in the moment.

Pilates helps you achieve this state of awareness from practicing the 5 Basic Principals with a neutral alignment of the spine and by concentrating on the principals with cues from your teacher. It is just your breath and movement in the moment with no other distractions. Body and spirit are aligned, making your Pilates session the ultimate mind-body workout.